5 Tips to LOVE on Yourself NOW


During this time of world crisis (the pandemic of 2020), it is absolutely vital that you LOVE on your SELF(S) and do things that are not only good self-care, but engage in practices that raise your energetic vibration. Why? Because that boosts your immune system!

I’m using the acronym SELFS to share these tips. I know it’s not a word! However, we have many aspects of our SELF in need of care at this time. So…without further ado here are my 5 Tips to Love on Yourself(s) Now:

1. Sage Yourself and Your Space

Sage has long been used by Native Americans and other indigenous people to clear negativity and for healing. But did you know that burning sage can actually reduce airborne bacteria?  Sage has both antibacterial and antimicrobial (stops or inhibits growth of microorganisms) properties.  A 2007 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacol found “medicinal smoke caused over 94% reduction of bacterial counts by 60 min and the ability of the smoke to purify or disinfect the air and to make the environment cleaner” lasted up to 24 hours!

Watch this video for more tips on when and how to perform a Space Clearing or if you need help, let me know.

2. Enjoy This Moment and Yourself

What can you appreciate about this very NOW moment that you are in? What are you grateful for? Ask, what is great about this? As you appreciate and enjoy this very moment, you shift your focus.

Doing the things that bring you JOY and the things you really love to do is another great way to shift your focus onto the positive and raise your vibration. These can be simple things like petting a puppy or sipping a cup of tea. Or do something with your hands, like crafts, cooking, crocheting or painting rocks. You might even re-read a favorite book or call a friend who always makes you laugh or watch a funny movie. Anything you do that makes you smile is showing love for your self.

3. Look Forward to Something

Anticipation is a great way to show yourself some love, too. When you have your next vacation planned, you daydream about how it will feel to be there. When you do this, your mind and body relax and “act as if” you are already there. Having something to look forward to helps you navigate the here and now, especially if you’re in the midst of a challenge. If you need help planning something, I’ve got you covered –> Join me for the Maui Celestial Retreat in October 2020 to be pampered and loved for a whole week!

4. Feel Your Emotions

Don’t ignore what you’re feeling, especially if you are triggered by what others are doing or saying or if you’re feeling upset, anxious or worried. Feelings are natural and they are spiritual messengers for us. However, in order to receive their messages, we need to pay attention to them! So, do this right now….

  • STOP and notice an emotion you are feeling.
  • Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Next, scan your body. Using worried as an example, notice where is the worry in your body?  Where do you feel it most prominently?  Is it in your stomach… your heart… your head…?
  • Then observe the worry as if it were a physical object. What does it look like?
  • Breathe into it… and notice… what is the size and shape of the object? Does it have a texture?  Is it moving or sitting still?  What color is it?  Is it heavy or light? Is it hot or cold? Is it growing or staying the same size?

Just taking these few minutes to observe your emotion as an object will help you feel it. If the object moves around in your body, you can follow it. However, be careful to just observe it. And LOVE it! Love that worry and let it know that everything is okay.  Let it know that it can stay or it can go and either way, you will love it.

I have a deeper process that I do with my clients that can help uncover where the emotion is stemming from, but this will give you a good start in feeling your emotions.

5. Sea Salt Baths or Ocean Dips

Salt has clearing and cleansing properties too and is great for clearing your energetic fields.  If you live on Maui or an ocean accessible place, you can simply float in the ocean, nature’s salt bath. If not, soak in a tub of hot water mixed with 2-3 cups of sea salt and 3 tablespoons of baking soda.

Slide into the water so you neck is immersed and soak for 15 minutes.  You can do this anytime you are feeling weary (emotionally or physically) or if you feel like you are “coming down” with something like a cold. I have found when I do this, that often the cold never comes or it resolves much more quickly.  If you have body aches, you can add Epsom salt to the bath. I also love adding essential oils or flower essences and lighting a candle to create a spa experience as I bathe.

Share with me in the comments below your favorite ways to Love on Yourself!


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Are Your Sink & Stove Arguing?


If you’ve been in my tribe for awhile you may have heard me say that your home both reflects and affects you. Everything is energy and the things in your home and the way they are positioned impact you.

How do you know if your sink and stove are arguing? 

Look at the placement of the sink and stove in your kitchen. If the sink is directly across from the stove, this is considered an “arguing” sink and stove. This is energetically challenging because it can literally cause arguing in or outside of the home. Many clients don’t mention arguing as an issue, but when I point out the arguing sink and stove and ask them, they agree that they do argue and often right in the kitchen between the sink and stove!  Once we remedied the issue, the arguing subsided.

There are two options for using Feng Shui to remedy this challenging situation:

1. Place a round rug between the sink and stove or place a rug in front of either the sink or stove that has a pattern with circles on it.


2. Hang a crystal from the ceiling between the sink and stove. A 20 mm crystal is a good size. The crystal should be round and made with at least 30% lead (this has a balancing energy to it). The crystal should hang freely and can be hung with a 9″ red (lucky color) thread or 9″ fishing line. In Feng Shui the number 9 is auspicious and is about reaching new heights (and who doesn’t want to do that?!)

The round energy of the rug or crystal will disperse the arguing between the sink and stove and balance the energy in the space.

If arguing continues to be an issue after the adjustment is placed, please reach out to me as there are other circumstances within the home that can also contribute the energy of arguments.

I would also recommend that you energetically clear your space if there has been a lot of arguing in your home (either during or before you moved there, as in the case of a divorced couple having lived there prior to you).  Watch this video for instructions on how to clear your space with sage.


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Boost Holiday Cheer


Boost Holiday Cheer wherever you are in the world with these 12 Quick Feng Shui and Energy Tips!

Holidays are a time of joy, of stress, of fun activities, parties and obligations. Sail through this year’s holiday with ease and grace.

#1)  Hang a bell on your front door to attract good energy and opportunities and gain clarity about your career. You can leave the bell there all year long if you like. Bells also help you (and others) make decisions. See my Bells Brrrring Good Things blog for more information on the magic of bells in Feng Shui adjustments.

#2)  Balance the fire energy in your space. With the holidays comes a lot of red (fire energy) and green (wood energy which feeds the fire). By adding a balance of the other elements, things will feel calmer:
Water ~ Shape is wavy, Color is black/navy blue, Material is water
Metal ~ Shape is round, Color is white, Material is metal
Earth ~ Shape is square, Color is yellow, Material is earth/clay rocks/ceramics

#3)  Keep your stove clean and use all the burners. This will activate more wealth and abundance since the stove represents wealth. Read more about the meaning of Stoves and get my 9 Fast Feng Shui Fixes here!

#4)  Send love to family and friends, especially those that seem to irritate or annoy you at this time of year. How do you do that?
Envision love coming from your heart (could be a pink mist, red or pink hearts, balloons or just a cozy, loving feeling) and send it out to the person as you are thinking about them. Imagine that mist, color or hearts enveloping the person in cozy goodness. Ahhhhhh….Love truly transforms all things! For more about romantic love, review my Feng Shui for Love blog.

#5)  With all the holiday excitement, it’s important to stay grounded. Taking a walk outside, even if it’s only for 10 minutes will help clear your head and ground your body in the hear and now. Or visit somewhere new to gain a fresh perspective. Find more thoughts on Change Your Environment to Change Your Life here.

#6)  Clear out the clutter! Get rid of everything you no longer love or use to make room for the things you really want. Pick up Marie Kondo’s amazing book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or review my 3 blogs on clearing clutter. Clutter is not your friend any time of the year, but especially now with the extra holiday decorations about.
Do You Need A Clutter Buster?
Clearing Clutter in “Disguise”
Create Your Dream Space by Decluttering

#7)  Find a quiet space to recharge. This could be a meditation or reading nook or even a hot bath with candles and soft music can whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of this season. Maybe cozying up on the couch to watch a holiday classic or rent War Room that just came out on Redbox which will not only recharge, but inspire you!

#8)  Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, to stay grounded and to help cleanse your system of the delicious non-healthy food you’re enjoying. This is especially needed when drinking alcohol so have a glass of water with your egg nog or wine!

#9)  Take an Epsom salt bath to clear your personal energy field. Emotions run high at this time of year and it’s helpful to keep your own energy field clean and clear of other people’s muck.

#10)  Clear your home by smudging with sage. This has also been proven to reduce the bacteria in your space so it will keep you mentally, emotionally and physically healthier. This is especially important after hosting parties as people drag in lower energies and often leave them behind when they go. I have Clearing Kits on my Etsy site.

#11)  Set your intentions for each holiday gathering you attend. Think about how do you want to feel and what you want to experience. Peaceful, joyful, relaxed, happy, fun, laughter, love & connection are a few words that come to my mind. The drive time to your holiday gatherings is a great time to do intention-setting!

#12)  Start dreaming of next year. What do you want to be, do and have in the New Year? Use the Feng Shui life areas to bring balance to 2016 by setting goals or intentions for each area: Wealth, Family, Knowledge, Career, Travel/Helpful People, Creativity & Children, Partnership, Fame & Reputation and Health (which touches all areas of your life). Sit down with magazines and tear out pictures of things you like. Think about places you want to visit or stuff you long to do. My Intentional Goal Setting blog provides more ideas on making next year an amazing success!

If you need some help dreaming, I’m offering a Feng Shui Dream Board Workshop in Woodbury, MN on January 16, 2015. For those outside the Twin Cities metro area, watch for my Online Dream Board workshop coming soon!

I’m also offering a 4 week series for love relationships in February in Burnsville, MN:  Enhancing and Attracting Relationships.

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Feng Shui for LOVE


Whether you are in a committed relationship or still searching for The One,” Feng Shui paves the way for more harmonious relationships. Feng Shui helps you recognize how your space reflects your life and encourages you to create a new relationship with your space. In the relationship arena, Feng Shui can help:

  • Bring balance, equality and harmony
  • Get the sparks flying again
  • Attract your soul mate
  • Reduce/eliminate arguments
  • Improve relationships with family, friends and coworkers
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself or creator

There are two main areas in your home we look at to improve relationships. One area is the partnership corner. (If you’re new to Feng Shui, click here to read my blog on Feng Shui’s mental map, the Bagua, to learn how your space reflects your life.) The other area is your bedroom, no matter where it’s located in your home.  In this article, I’m focusing primarily on your bedroom. Ideally, this should be your favorite room in the house, an oasis that is both romantic and peaceful.

Let’s first talk about the things to AVOID in your bedroom:

    1. Clutter ~ As in every area of your home or office, clutter represents stuck energy. It’s also distracting. So, if you’re trying to get your partner in the right mood, removing clutter from the bedroom will help them feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed.
    2. Dirt ~ This can represent staleness in your relationship. To keep your Partnership fresh and new feeling, keep your bedroom dusted and clean. You will sleep better too!
    3. Dead Things ~ One client I worked with had pictures of dead relatives decorating a corner of her bedroom! Sometimes we place things in spaces without really think about the metaphorical message we are sending. You want things that are alive and thriving in your bedroom and Partnership area of your home. Remove any dried flowers from your bedroom (and home) as well.
    4. Pictures of your kids and other people ~ Even if the relatives are living, we do not want them invading our bedroom, right? And kids certainly are important in our life, but again, we do not need them coming between us and our partner. The bedroom is your personal partnership space.
    5. Toys and stuffed animals ~ We want to be an adult in our relationships so childish things do not belong in the bedroom. If they are keepsakes or mementos that you love, they can be placed in another area of the home – perhaps in the Creativity and Children area.

Next, let’s talk about the things you DO WANT in your bedroom. What can you do to get the love lava flowing again or to attract your soul mate?

  1. Two equal size/weight night stands ~ This symbolizes equality in the relationship and is particularly important if you currently do not have a partner. What does it say if one partner has a large dresser on their side and the other a small nightstand? Or if one partner has no nightstand at all? Will they have much say in the relationship? Matching lamps will bring additional balance and harmony to your love connection.
  2. Art symbolizing what you want in your relationship ~ Look at the art on your bedroom walls. Is it romantic? Or do you have pictures of a frozen lake? Is it peaceful and copacetic or showing conflict? Are there single people or animals depicted in the paintings? That single cowboy picture not only shows a desert, but the guy is alone, right? That leads me to the next tip…
  3. Pairs of things ~ Pairs represent partnership and intentionally placing pairs of things in your bedroom will help balance your relationship.
  4. A current picture of the two of you, if you’re in a partnership, should be placed in your bedroom and will help solidify your bond. Sometimes I recommend a wedding picture be placed here too, to help you remember how you felt when you fell in love.
  5. Vibrant, living things ~ To really promote a healthy sex life, place 9 lush plants in the bedroom. Then, make sure you keep them alive!
  6. Add Pink and Fire ~ The partnership color is pink and adding a dash of it here or there intentionally will boost your budding or rekindling relationship. Adding the element of fire, which is all about passion, will further heat things up. You can use the color red to represent fire or physical fire (like candles) or triangle shapes. We don’t like fireplaces in bedrooms, because it’s too much energy to allow you to sleep well. However, the Partnership area of your main level is a perfect place for a fireplace.

Making changes in your Partnership area and bedroom with intention means taking time to really think about what you want to cultivate in your relationships.

Your bedroom is a key Feng Shui area. It can affect not only your relationships, but also your sleep, your health, and your mind. To bring more harmony into your relationships, your home and your life, I offer Feng Shui Bedroom consults via Skype as well as complete Life Shift Home Consultations and Booming Business Consultations. For more information check out my website at http://www.findingyourfiji.com/FENGSHUI

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We are all one.


We are one with all that is. In order for us to raise our consciousness we must remember this in our daily interactions. Fill every interaction with love. Send love, give love, be love and move on.

Stay in your highest vibration. There is no way to help others by dipping down to their lower vibration. They must raise to you just as you must raise to a higher vibration to hear Divine guidance. We are all pure love yet we all have the choice to raise our vibration or stay in a lower vibration. Staying in a lower vibration feels comfortable to many. That is what they know and it feels safer to them than venturing into what they think they do not know.

However, raising your vibration is simply a remembering of who you truly are. It’s like you have amnesia and you are having to learn everything about the Divine again, like 50 First Dates. Once you start asking and opening to the information, it becomes part of your knowing again. It feels like home and feels much safer than the lower vibration because there is no fear here. You can relax knowing you are safe and protected always and in all ways.

I may refer to God and Source, the Divine and the Universe at different times. To me they are all one in the same, the creator and the created, part of who we all are. There are also non-physical helpers always available to us on our earthly journey. These may be angels or spirit guides, God, light beings or loved ones who have returned to their purest selves. If we ask and are open to receiving their guidance, they can assist us in raising our vibration. 

Remember there is much love in the world. You only need to look for it and you will see it. This is the Law of Attraction at it’s best. When you are looking at buying a new car, suddenly you see that car everywhere on the road when you had not noticed them before. Look always for love. Look for love ALL ways and in everyone. It’s there. Even if it’s a tiny spark.