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Have you ever set a goal and not attained it?

What held you back? You were excited when you set the goal, anticipating how good it would feel when you achieved it, right? Maybe you even created a step by step plan and started on it. Yet, something held you back. You stopped working on it. You gave up. You may have even kicked yourself for not following through. You wouldn’t do that to your best friend, but you’re hard on yourself when you don’t accomplish the things you set out to do.

Intentional goal setting will change all of that. By owning your goals, you will find yourself excited to work on them and make progress faster than you ever have before. Excited now?! Let’s get this party started!!

What does it mean to be intentional?

InŸtenŸtion is defined by Merriam Webster as:

  • The thing that you plan to do or achieve
  • An aim or purpose
  • A determination to act in a certain way
  • Import, significance
  • What one intends to do or bring about

Intent suggests clarity and is more deliberate and purposeful. It also connects your actions with your mind and heart. Goals are simply targets and without intention, it’s difficult to accurately aim or even take an interest in moving towards that target. Intention involves forming a clearer picture about your outcome and getting at the reasons why you want it and how you’ll feel when you get it.

OWN your goals

Owning your goals helps you become invested in them. And when you are invested, you have a stake. This creates built in accountability – to yourself! (Need more accountability – I offer private coaching!)

There are 3 steps to OWNing your goals:

1)  O = Outcome  Determining what it is that you really want
2) W = Why   Understanding why you want this. What’s the point?
3)  N = Now    Taking action. Doing something to get the energy moving.

The 3rd step, “Now taking action” is often misconstrued as the most important piece of goal achievement. In reality, action is only 1% of the equation. 99% of goal achievement is knowing your Outcome (what you want) and Why you want it.


To determine what you really want for your life, it’s helpful to look at your current circumstance (where you are) to decide where it is you want to go. Being a Feng Shui expert, I like to use the life areas that correlate to the Feng Shui Bagua.

Think about the following 9 areas of your life and where you are on the happiness scale of 0 – 10 with 0 being completely unsatisfied and 10 being overjoyed and loving this area of your life.

Rate 0 – 10    Life Areas
Wealth  (Money you inherit, win, earn, feeling abundant, gifts)
Family   (Relatives, siblings, extended family, close friends)
Knowledge (Education, inner wisdom, spirituality)
Career   (Job, journey in life or passions, activities you love)
Helpful People & Travel (Feeling supported, travel, treated fairly)  Creativity & Children   (Children/kids, pets, creative endeavors)Partnership (with significant other, biz partner, self, God, Source)
Fame & Reputation (How you’re perceived, good name, integrity)
Health  (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being) 

Now, circle the area with the lowest score. That is the one we’re going to focus on to create our first Intentional Goal. You’ll be able to go through this process with all the rest of your life areas or simply pick the 2-3 areas that you want to focus on this year.

You are not completely happy with this area of your life, so you know what you don’t want, right? Take a piece of paper and make a list of the things that aren’t going well in this particular area along the left hand side. Think about what’s really bothering you. If it’s your Wealth area, for instance, your list may look like left hand column below.

To determine what it is that you DO want, turn each statement in the left column around to state in the positive and present tense what you would prefer to be happening in that area of your life instead.

Things I don’t want
Debt accumulating
Not enough money coming in
Too many expenses
Feel out of control with spending
Don’t know how to budget
More month than money
No money for fun stuff I want to do
Can’t help others (tithing)
& so on… you get the idea.

What do I want?
Debt paid off
Plenty of money/income
Bills paid easily and effortlessly
Feel good about finances
Established budget
Pay all bills on time monthly
Money for fun activities w/o guilt
Donating to my favorite charities

Remember to state what you want in the present tense and positive. This helps the Universe/God/Source clearly hear what you really want and will magnetize it to you so much faster!

The second part of OWNing your goals is determining your why. Think about why you want the things in the right hand column. Would you be able to relax and have less stress? Would you be able to take care of your family’s needs? Would you have more fun? Be able to work less and enjoy life more? Would you be able to help those less fortunate or have more time to volunteer? Would you buy a new house? A new car? Take a vacation?

How will you feel when you reach that goal or have the outcome that you want? This is the most important piece of the Why puzzle. Your goals carry an energetic vibration and in order to set goals with intention, it’s vital that you line up with that energy.

Everything is Energy
Objects certainly carry a vibration. They may make you feel good or bring your down or be neutral. Environments have an energetic vibration, too. You know how when you go into a room that’s cluttered and it just doesn’t feel good to be there, right? And when you walk into a garden filled with beautiful flowers and green grass and running water, you feel at ease. People have an energetic vibration as well. When you are around someone who’s vibration is high, they are happy and make you want to smile. You’ve also been around Eeyore types for whom nothing ever seems to go well. They make you doubt what in the world there is to be happy about.

Your goals and dreams have an energetic vibration, too, and you need to be vibrating at the same energy level as your dream to draw it in and sustain it. This is part of the reason why so many lottery winners are broke after the first year. Their vibration doesn’t match their money and so they are unable to keep it.

Strive to consistently feel how you will feel when you’ve achieved or accomplished this goal, as if it’s already a reality and it’s only a matter of when it will happen. When you get into the feeling place of your outcome, then taking actions and the right actions comes naturally.

You’ve determined your OUTCOME (what you want) and got into the feeling place of your WHY. So NOW it’s time to take action. When are you going to take action? Right NOW! The sooner you begin taking action once you’ve set your outcome/goal, the more likely you are to continue working towards it and achieve it. What steps would you need to take to achieve this goal? Decide on one baby step you can take today!  

It’s time to get your goals down on paper. There is nothing more powerful than writing out exactly what you want for the New Year and creating a plan to achieve it. 

Intentional Goal Setting Guidelines

1) State your Outcome in the positive (avoid using don’t, not or no)
2) State it in the present tense
3) Use “I am” or “Now that I am” statements

Remember to include your OUTCOME (what you really want) and your WHY (why you want it and how you will feel when you get it). The NOW (baby step you will take to get started on your goal today!) will be part of your planning process.

An example of an Intentional Goal using the Wealth area above would be:
“I am so excited and grateful now that I am paying off all of my debt and creating a steady stream of $10,000 a month net income. I love the feeling of paying all my bills in full every month and having money left over to take my family on a cruise this summer and donate monthly to my favorite charity.”

An Idea to Anchor Your Intentional Goals

Dream Boards are a powerful way to anchor your goals and intentions. The creative act of cutting out pictures and words and placing them on a board that you can look at day after day engages your right brain and “gets you out of your head”. It’s also a way to increase your FUN LOAD and enjoy dreaming.

If you are interested in creating your own Dream Board, Finding Your Fiji has developed a unique Feng Shui Dream Board process. The kits are available now on our Etsy site. We also have a live class in the Twin Cities on January 16th. Click here to find out more:
Watch for the online version being released soon!

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