How Many Books Do You Have?


Do you even know? Are they scattered all over your house in different places?

I had 63 books. They are pictured here. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot. However, I have a small space so storing these books has become challenging. Plus, many of these books I was hanging onto don’t “spark JOY” so it was time, once again, for me to tidy and reduce them!

If you’ve been following my Declutter Challenge, we worked on BOOKS last week. And yes, I realize I am behind on my own challenge…lol. It is what it is. Whenever you get to it is perfect and the videos are all on my YouTube channel so you can do it at your own pace! Join the Challenge to get the guide & links to all the videos as they are released (plus bonus videos).

So far I have eliminated 27 books and last night I was having trouble deciding on several more. You see…I like the idea of books and LOVE to learn. My dad was really instrumental in cultivating my love of reading. He used to take me to the library every week and his mom, my grandma, actually helped start the library where we browsed for books. So… I have a strong attachment and love of books and therefore, find it really difficult to release books, especially if I haven’t read them.

I want to read all the books, I really do! And yet, I know I won’t.

The thing to remember about books is that they gave you joy when you purchased them or when they were given to you as a gift. You were probably excited about reading the book when you ordered or purchased or received it.

You might have even started reading the book and then never finished. And, if you’re like me, you might feel bad about that…because, you know, you like to complete things and these books are an uncompleted loop, an empty box that will likely never be checked off your never-ending “to do” list.

Or, maybe your mind is spouting “You never finish what you start” (which isn’t true BTW) or other such nonsense. Whatever thoughts are running through your head, SOmeTHING is preventing you from releasing books, which may have become a burden and are most likely cluttering up your space and your mind. (For more info on the energy of books watch Books Are Heavy Energy)

Shifting your thoughts, beliefs and perspective about books will help. 

Some new thoughts to consider:

  • You experienced JOY when you purchased or received the book
  • You no longer need or desire this information
  • You received what you needed from the book (if you started it & never finished)
  • Someone else really wants/needs this book now so keeping it blocks their joy

Often, it’s helpful to look at the energy around the book, when you purchased it and why and perhaps why you haven’t read it yet. I’m sorry, but not having enough time is not a valid reason because you know if your favorite trilogy released the third book in the series you would find time to read THAT!

Be curious about why you have this book in your possession. Why did you buy it in the first place (if you did) or why have you kept it (if it was a gift)?  There are other questions that might be helpful in your decision-making process.

Questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether to keep a book

  • How long have you had the book?
  • Have you read it?  (I find it helpful to put non-read books in a separate pile at first)
  • Do you still want to read it or re-read it (if it’s one you’ve already read)?
  • Is the book a long-time favorite, inspirational or a good reference?
  • If the book was lost, would you buy it again?

Let’s get cracking and declutter those books! Step 1 is to gather all of the books from wherever they live in your home and put them in a pile. Include ALL of the books such as cook books, reference books, sentimental books, etc. Learn what else to do by watching the BOOK Declutter Challenge Video.

Join the challenge to learn how to declutter your clothes, papers, miscellaneous items and more + get my Declutter Guide & special bonus videos!


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One thought on “How Many Books Do You Have?

  1. I have hundreds of books! They spark joy! Now I need time to read the ones I haven’t read yet! They are neatly shelved on three book cases. No one in my family reads but me!!!?


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