Are Your Sink & Stove Arguing?


If you’ve been in my tribe for awhile you may have heard me say that your home both reflects and affects you. Everything is energy and the things in your home and the way they are positioned impact you.

How do you know if your sink and stove are arguing? 

Look at the placement of the sink and stove in your kitchen. If the sink is directly across from the stove, this is considered an “arguing” sink and stove. This is energetically challenging because it can literally cause arguing in or outside of the home. Many clients don’t mention arguing as an issue, but when I point out the arguing sink and stove and ask them, they agree that they do argue and often right in the kitchen between the sink and stove!  Once we remedied the issue, the arguing subsided.

There are two options for using Feng Shui to remedy this challenging situation:

1. Place a round rug between the sink and stove or place a rug in front of either the sink or stove that has a pattern with circles on it.


2. Hang a crystal from the ceiling between the sink and stove. A 20 mm crystal is a good size. The crystal should be round and made with at least 30% lead (this has a balancing energy to it). The crystal should hang freely and can be hung with a 9″ red (lucky color) thread or 9″ fishing line. In Feng Shui the number 9 is auspicious and is about reaching new heights (and who doesn’t want to do that?!)

The round energy of the rug or crystal will disperse the arguing between the sink and stove and balance the energy in the space.

If arguing continues to be an issue after the adjustment is placed, please reach out to me as there are other circumstances within the home that can also contribute the energy of arguments.

I would also recommend that you energetically clear your space if there has been a lot of arguing in your home (either during or before you moved there, as in the case of a divorced couple having lived there prior to you).  Watch this video for instructions on how to clear your space with sage.


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First "Prince of Soot" - dad at 88

Seek and you shall find.  If you look, you can always find something about which to be grateful.  There’s a great little book I read last year called, A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik in which the author experiments with sending 365 Thank You cards over the course of a year and a half.  His life was literally at the lowest point ever when he began the project. Sending the Thank You notes helped him appreciate what he had and amazingly brought so many more good things into his life.

Being grateful is one of the best ways to attract good things into your life.  When you focus on what you are grateful for, the Law of Attraction brings more of the same to you.  Plus, when you’re focusing on gratitude, you cannot also focus on lack.  There are so many things every day to be grateful for. I am thankful my 88 year old dad is still here and still well. He is golfing, driving, working and living on his own. The picture above is of him in his Winter Carnival gear. He was the first Prince of Soot!

When I wrote this piece it was 100 degrees here in Minnesota , the 9th day in a row of intense heat. I thought about modifying it for the blog, yet something about a 100 degree day sounds so cozy in the middle of winter. That day I was grateful for the air conditioning in my home and in my car, in the coffee shop where I was writing, and in the movie theatre.

I am grateful for my health and for the delicious and nutritious salad I ate for lunch.  I am grateful for colorful pens that write well, for computers and printers and paper and the internet. I’m also thankful for books – I have loved them since I was a little girl taking a weekly trip to the library with my dad. I am grateful for my friends, my family, my home, my car. I could go on endlessly.

Try this:

Start a gratitude journal where you write down five things you are grateful for every night before you go to sleep. It sets you up for a good night’s sleep and helps you focus on the good parts of your day. Or think about someone you are grateful for and send a handwritten Thank You note to them.