Clearing Clutter in “Disguise”


What if your space is pretty clear of clutter and you’re still not attracting the things you most want into your life?

Then it’s time to address clutter that’s disguised as something else. Perhaps it’s a keepsake, like your children’s art. Or maybe it’s something you paid a lot of money for and never used. You don’t want to donate it and yet can’t find anyone who wants to buy it.

Last weekend I hosted a Feng Shui Dream Board workshop for a small group of clients. We were creating a talisman for our dreams – something to remind us daily of what we want to draw into our lives. We talked a lot about the energy of the things in our homes and how things can keep us stuck and block us from attracting the very things we most desire.

One woman, I’ll call her Sarah, has held onto a wedding dress she purchased many years ago and never wore. She had tried to donate the dress to various organizations and they wouldn’t take it because it was over 5 years old. Sarah paid a lot of money for the dress and didn’t want to donate it to Goodwill and have someone wearing it as a Halloween costume.

This discussion triggered questions for me about the things I’m hanging onto. For instance, I have a huge stock of beads from a handcrafted jewelry business I ran for 10 years. I’ve sold some of the beads at various sales over the past 2 years. However, I have not made a concentrated effort to locate a buyer for the entire stock. It made me wonder, “What is my attachment to it?” What surfaced as I explored this question was an underlying fear of not having that business to fall back on should my life purpose/dream job of Shift Master not work out.

I asked Sarah, “If you met the man of your dreams, how would he feel about you hanging onto a wedding dress from a prior engagement?”

Both my beads and the wedding dress are keeping us stuck and blocking us from attracting what we really want. Often, we fabricate stories about the things in our lives and why we are hanging onto them. There is usually some deeper meaning, some fear about letting go of what’s comfortable. What’s comfortable may not actually feel comfortable; however, it is what we know. Sarah knows how to be single. I know how to run a jewelry business.

We may also fear opening our hearts and lives to what we really want. What if we aren’t successful in our next relationship or our soul purpose business doesn’t work out?

Sometimes we fear success even more than failure.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest
fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light,
not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?…”

Marianne Williamson

What if we find our soul mate and fall in love?  What if our business is outrageously successful? Will that change us? Will the people in our lives (our single girlfriends, family & other friends) be okay with it? Can we really handle having our heart’s desire?

Ideas on How to Release “Disguised” Clutter

 1. Identify it
Walk around your home, room to room, and make a list of things you are hanging onto that you don’t use or don’t love.  If it isn’t useful or doesn’t bring you joy, why do you have it?

2. Ditch the “Just in Case” thinking and employ the “Just in Time” method
Rather than hanging onto items just in case you might need or use them someday, have faith that what you need in the future will come to you at the perfect time or that you’ll be able to buy a new one!

3. Come to terms with the feelings around these things
Why are you really holding onto it? To keep your children young? Because it represents your unfulfilled dreams? To have a plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work out?

4. Think about how it will feel to have the added space and breathing room
Letting go of the things you don’t love or use brings open space to your environment.  This creates a vacuum, which will draw the things you really want into your life

5. Take a picture of it and then toss it, donate it or sell it

6. Make a collage or scrapbook pages
One year for Mother’s Day I had my boys do this for me as their gift. I had a huge box for each of them of things I had saved. I asked them to choose their favorites and put them in a scrapbook album for me. It was a wonderful gift!

7. Create something new with it
If you have kept several of your children’s favorite t-shirts or clothes, you can cut pieces from them and create a memento quilt that they can use and enjoy.

8. Ask friends for ideas of what to do with your “disguised” clutter
Share this article on FB with what “disguised” clutter you found, ask for suggestions and then share what you’re going to do with it.

9. LET GO!
Toss it, donate it, sell it, give it to a friend or return it to its owner

Can we move forward… really focus and put our attention and intention on what we want if we are holding onto a piece of our past? These things, too, are talismans. Like a cog in a wheel, they keep us stuck and anchor us in the past.

Sarah admitted she probably wouldn’t ever wear the wedding dress because she imagines the wedding with her soul mate being on a beach. I know I will never go back to making jewelry for a living. Why would I? I LOVE what I do. I have my dream job. I don’t need a Plan B.

Another woman at the workshop had a great idea for Sarah’s wedding dress. She’s connecting her to an organization that makes burial gowns for babies.

What about my beads? Within 1 day of coming to terms with my beads and letting go of my Plan B, I found a buyer for my entire stock!

Small changes, even in your mindset can trigger huge shifts in your life.

What are you hanging onto that is keeping you stuck?
Let it go so what you want can flow quickly to you!

I’d love to help you find and live your Fiji (aka your dream life)!

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Kim Julen
Feng Shui Intuitive Coach
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