The Energetic Challenge of Ashes


Keeping ashes in your home is a Feng Shui Challenge

Many people keep the ashes of their loved ones in their homes and often they are placing them in a location within the home that is energetically harming them. The energy of non-living things (not only ashes, but also dried flowers and other “dead” items) can create many difficulties — everything from lost opportunities and income to health and relationship challenges.

Dead things and ashes, whether human or pet remains, represent stuck or stagnant energy and it is best to remove them from your home. If you have dead trees in your yard, remove them. If you have plants that are dead or dying and cannot be revived, remove them.

Note: If the plant was placed as a Feng Shui adjustment and died, it has likely taken the energetic “hit” for you. Thank it for it’s service to you and replace the plant with a bigger or more expensive one.

Remove dried flowers unless they have special significance to you, such as a wedding bouquet. Consider whether you can remember the event through pictures with the living flowers instead. If you wish to keep the dried flowers, preserve and honor them by placing them in a shadow box or other container.

Many of my clients do not wish to remove the ashes of their loved ones from their home. In these cases, I make recommendations on where the ashes can be placed to do the least harm. Let’s first be clear about where ashes should not be placed within the home:

  1. In the Bedroom or outside the bedroom door. The bedroom is your place of rest, rejuvenation and romance. Keeping ashes here can negatively affect your health as well as your romantic relationships, where the deceased loved one is literally coming between you and a vibrant life with those who are still living and with your own body that is still alive.
  2. In the Dining Room. The dining room is where you take in food to nourish your body. We want living things in this space to signify life-giving energy to your body.
  3. In the Kitchen. The kitchen is where your food is cooked, which also nourishes your body and the stove is located here, which is symbolizes your wealth so keeping ashes in this location can affect both your health and your finances.
  4. Near the Front Door. As you’ve read in my previous blogs, the front door is considered the “Mouth of Chi” where all the energy and opportunities come into your home. Keeping ashes, or other non-living things in this area can push opportunities away and prevent abundance from flowing to you.




Ashes you wish to keep should be placed in a common area, like a family room or living room and well away from the front door, kitchen, dining room or your bedrooms.

Do you wish you could connect with your loved one who has passed? I can help you with this! Through my work as an Angel Card reader and psychic I’m able to connect you with your loved ones. I’ve found these souls have beautiful messages for you and are so happy when I’m able to relay them and share the ways they are present in your everyday life. To learn more about my Angel Reading services and book your reading visit my website.

There is a special Feng Shui adjustment called the Sealing the Doors Ceremony that is beneficial and recommended to be performed when:

  • You are keeping ashes in the home
  • You’ve had bad luck in a house
  • You’ve been robbed
  • Occupants are feeling unsafe
  • Your home is located across from a church, cemetery or funeral home
  • You suspect other living spirits are present within your house

To obtain a copy of the Sealing the Doors adjustment, please email me at I will request that you honor the Red Envelope tradition in exchange for receiving the adjustment.
Sealing the Doors Kits are also available for purchase on my Finding Your Fiji Etsy site.


Feng Shui can be confusing. Do you need help figuring out your Bagua? Do you want help determining what to do within your home to boost the power of your intentions for Health, Career, Finances and Relationships?

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Health – Center Of It All


In Feng Shui and in life, health is key.

The center area of the Feng Shui Bagua represents Health. It touches all other areas of the Bagua, just as the state of your health affects every area of your life, right? Your health affects your creativity, your children, your relationships, your reputation, your finances, your family, your ability to learn, to travel and most definitely affects your career.

There are many things in the center of your home/Bagua that may be affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health on an energetic level. To learn where your center is, review my blog, Your Space Reflects Your Life – What Is Yours Saying?

The center of your home, as a reflection of your health, should feel safe and welcoming. It’s a bonus if you can actually sit in your center. Add the color Yellow (which is the Feng Shui Health color) or the element of Earth (anything square, earth tones or earthy material such as ceramics) to your center to give your health a boost.

If you have any of these situations in your Bagua center, they could be affecting your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health:

  1. Clutter = Stuck energy and it drains you physically and mentally. It can cause fatigue and depression as well as weight issues or a sense of heaviness. For tips on clearing clutter, check out these blogs:
    Clear Clutter Once and For All!
    Clearing Clutter in “Disguise”
    Do You Need a Clutter Buster?

  2. Bathrooms = Health going down the drain or getting flushed away. We love our metaphors in Feng Shui! For more of the dirty details and what to do to alleviate the draining energy, check out my blog Down the Drain: How Toilets Affect your Life.

  3. Hallway = Energy picking up too much speed, feeling like you can’t catch your breath or slow down enough to relax. If your bedroom is at the end of a long hallway, this can cause digestive issues.
  4. Stairs = Up and down health.
  5. Stove, Fireplace or Furnace = Burn up your health.

As always, whenever you are doing an adjustment, your intention is the most important ingredient.

Remember, never make adjustments when you are tired, angry, lonely or hungry. You want to feel good when making changes to put good energy into your space!

There are many areas besides your center that can be affecting your health. If you are having serious health issues, I recommend consulting with a professional Feng Shui practitioner to help shift the energy and support your return to optimal health.

*Feng Shui can be confusing. Do you need help figuring out your Bagua? Do you want help determining what to do within your home to boost the power of your intentions for Health, Career, Finances and Relationships?

Let’s chat! I offer a FREE 20 minute Virtual Coffee Chat. I’d love to get to know you better and give you 2-4 ideas to help you shift the energy in your space and in your life. Click here to book it:

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Cry If You Want To ~ Tears Cleanse


For Crying Out Loud is a Good Thing!

When tears come to you, do you try to stop them? Do you wipe them quickly away in embarrassment? Do you mentally beat yourself up for being weak?

The next time you want to cry, thank your tears, embrace them and welcome them. Feel the emotions that come up with these tears. There is knowledge contained within them for you.

Please let your tears flow. Tears are a wonderful cleansing mechanism. They are letting go of energy that is stuck in your body. It is a release. It is a cleansing. When you cry, you are cleansing your energy field. You are washing away the fears and the doubts. You are washing away the worries that you have. You are washing away and clearing your energy field so that you can hear your inner guidance and your Angels and guides.

Tears connect you with your soul’s light. They are an outward expression of your emotions and emotions are information. So tears are a wonderful tool. You have tried for a long time to stop the tears. And you have been embarrassed by the tears, yet the tears are a sign that things are moving. They are a sign for you that you are progressing.

Tears (and chills) often come when you are connecting with information your soul knows to be right and true. Your soul knows that this is what you were meant to access and so the tears come to cleanse and wash away doubts and fears and worries so that you can open your heart and feel one with the Divine again.

So please, when the tears arise,  let them come.

Let them go.

Let them flow.

Let your tears come. Let your tears go. Let your tears flow.

Author note
In 2013 I began connecting with and channeling a non-physical collective. The spokesperson of this group is Christine. Other names have come through to me as members of the collective as well. Essentially, these are my guides. When I first began connecting with them, I would go into a meditation and record the wisdom they relayed. Now, their guidance comes organically and continuously to me without need for a specific setting or prayer. This blog comes from a direct communication I had with my guides in November of 2013. I stumbled upon it in my word docs and was urged to share it now.

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Kim Julen, Shiftmaster
WWS Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Certified Angel Card Reader
Life and Business Coach bringing harmony to your head, your heart and your home. 

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Feeling Stuck? Clean Your House!


I have a confession. A few weeks ago my house was really dirty. I mean, like you could write your name in the dust on my dresser dirty. And the sand in my back entry hall filled a dust pan! Those of you who live in winter wonderlands know what I’m talking about, right? Somehow the sand they spread on the roads to keep cars from slipping just appears in the house, like magic, except not as much fun.

The dirt was getting to me. I was also feeling stuck, unmotivated and even a bit lethargic. So, I took a day off from working to clean.

I don’t really love cleaning. I know there are people who do love it. I love having a clean house, but scrubbing the floors, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning toilets is not my idea of a great way to spend my day off.

But I did it. And, I enjoyed it. Really, I did!!

Listen here to learn how I found the joy.

Cleaning your home is a great way to shake things up and get back in the flow. Your home, whether it’s an apartment, a condo, a dorm room or a mansion, is meant to support you. The better care you take of your home, the better your home can take care of you!

While I cleaned my home, I felt gratitude for these things:

  • Sand ~ helps us keep traction on the roads
  • Peace Lily ~ fragrant blooming flowers and greenery
  • Kitchen table ~ a place for community
  • Stove ~ cooks my food (tied to wealth & health)
  • Refrigerator ~ keeps everything cold and fresh
  • Toilet ~ indoor plumbing when it’s below zero outside
  • Toilet Brush ~ so I don’t have to stick my hand in the toilet!

Cleaning your home, top to bottom, really well, is a way of thanking your home for supporting you. Cleaning naturally involves moving things around which shifts the energy in your space. It’s like removing the cog in a wheel that’s been stuck which suddenly allows you to get rolling and move forward again!

Kim Julen is the owner of Finding Your Fiji LLC and a Wind & Water School Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and a Certified Angel Card Reader.

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Clearing Clutter in “Disguise”


What if your space is pretty clear of clutter and you’re still not attracting the things you most want into your life?

Then it’s time to address clutter that’s disguised as something else. Perhaps it’s a keepsake, like your children’s art. Or maybe it’s something you paid a lot of money for and never used. You don’t want to donate it and yet can’t find anyone who wants to buy it.

Last weekend I hosted a Feng Shui Dream Board workshop for a small group of clients. We were creating a talisman for our dreams – something to remind us daily of what we want to draw into our lives. We talked a lot about the energy of the things in our homes and how things can keep us stuck and block us from attracting the very things we most desire.

One woman, I’ll call her Sarah, has held onto a wedding dress she purchased many years ago and never wore. She had tried to donate the dress to various organizations and they wouldn’t take it because it was over 5 years old. Sarah paid a lot of money for the dress and didn’t want to donate it to Goodwill and have someone wearing it as a Halloween costume.

This discussion triggered questions for me about the things I’m hanging onto. For instance, I have a huge stock of beads from a handcrafted jewelry business I ran for 10 years. I’ve sold some of the beads at various sales over the past 2 years. However, I have not made a concentrated effort to locate a buyer for the entire stock. It made me wonder, “What is my attachment to it?” What surfaced as I explored this question was an underlying fear of not having that business to fall back on should my life purpose/dream job of Shift Master not work out.

I asked Sarah, “If you met the man of your dreams, how would he feel about you hanging onto a wedding dress from a prior engagement?”

Both my beads and the wedding dress are keeping us stuck and blocking us from attracting what we really want. Often, we fabricate stories about the things in our lives and why we are hanging onto them. There is usually some deeper meaning, some fear about letting go of what’s comfortable. What’s comfortable may not actually feel comfortable; however, it is what we know. Sarah knows how to be single. I know how to run a jewelry business.

We may also fear opening our hearts and lives to what we really want. What if we aren’t successful in our next relationship or our soul purpose business doesn’t work out?

Sometimes we fear success even more than failure.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest
fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light,
not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?…”

Marianne Williamson

What if we find our soul mate and fall in love?  What if our business is outrageously successful? Will that change us? Will the people in our lives (our single girlfriends, family & other friends) be okay with it? Can we really handle having our heart’s desire?

Ideas on How to Release “Disguised” Clutter

 1. Identify it
Walk around your home, room to room, and make a list of things you are hanging onto that you don’t use or don’t love.  If it isn’t useful or doesn’t bring you joy, why do you have it?

2. Ditch the “Just in Case” thinking and employ the “Just in Time” method
Rather than hanging onto items just in case you might need or use them someday, have faith that what you need in the future will come to you at the perfect time or that you’ll be able to buy a new one!

3. Come to terms with the feelings around these things
Why are you really holding onto it? To keep your children young? Because it represents your unfulfilled dreams? To have a plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work out?

4. Think about how it will feel to have the added space and breathing room
Letting go of the things you don’t love or use brings open space to your environment.  This creates a vacuum, which will draw the things you really want into your life

5. Take a picture of it and then toss it, donate it or sell it

6. Make a collage or scrapbook pages
One year for Mother’s Day I had my boys do this for me as their gift. I had a huge box for each of them of things I had saved. I asked them to choose their favorites and put them in a scrapbook album for me. It was a wonderful gift!

7. Create something new with it
If you have kept several of your children’s favorite t-shirts or clothes, you can cut pieces from them and create a memento quilt that they can use and enjoy.

8. Ask friends for ideas of what to do with your “disguised” clutter
Share this article on FB with what “disguised” clutter you found, ask for suggestions and then share what you’re going to do with it.

9. LET GO!
Toss it, donate it, sell it, give it to a friend or return it to its owner

Can we move forward… really focus and put our attention and intention on what we want if we are holding onto a piece of our past? These things, too, are talismans. Like a cog in a wheel, they keep us stuck and anchor us in the past.

Sarah admitted she probably wouldn’t ever wear the wedding dress because she imagines the wedding with her soul mate being on a beach. I know I will never go back to making jewelry for a living. Why would I? I LOVE what I do. I have my dream job. I don’t need a Plan B.

Another woman at the workshop had a great idea for Sarah’s wedding dress. She’s connecting her to an organization that makes burial gowns for babies.

What about my beads? Within 1 day of coming to terms with my beads and letting go of my Plan B, I found a buyer for my entire stock!

Small changes, even in your mindset can trigger huge shifts in your life.

What are you hanging onto that is keeping you stuck?
Let it go so what you want can flow quickly to you!

I’d love to help you find and live your Fiji (aka your dream life)!

Let’s chat! I offer a FREE 20 minute Virtual Coffee Chat. I’d love to get to know you better and give you 2-4 ideas to help you shift the energy in your space and in your life.

Kim Julen
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Certified Angel Card Reader Life

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Do You Need a Clutter Buster?

Clutter busting

If you want more money, you do! The quickest way to manifest more money is to clear out clutter. Clutter busting helps with a number of other life issues as well!

When I do a Feng Shui home consult, I specifically ask the client not to clean or straighten up. By seeing how they live on a daily basis, I’m better able to help them shift the energy in their space and get to the root of their life challenges.

So, I do see clutter. And, to be honest, I have a few clutter spots in my own home. My office closet is one of them. I swear the stuff in there is multiplying! I have cleaned and organized this closet multiple times. You know how it is…you clean out other areas and more stuff gets shoved into the closet, right? It can be a vicious cycle.

So what’s clutter got to do with manifesting money?

In Feng Shui, clutter represents stuck energy. When energy is stuck, money cannot flow to you. More than that, though, the objects in your space affect you. They generally either lift you up or they drag you down. Yes, clutter an physically and mentally drain you. And, clutter in the different areas of your home (in Feng Shui we call them guas) can keep you from moving forward in that area (such as career or partnership or wealth).

Clutter can cause:

  • Clouded vision
  • Overwhelm
  • Relationships to suffer
  • Weight issues
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Health issues
  • Lack of focus
  • Lost opportunities
  • Financial difficulties
  • Impeded growth

The more clutter you have piled on horizontal surfaces (desks, dressers, countertops, fireplace mantels, etc.) the cloudier your vision and the less clear you are about where you’re headed in life.

By removing clutter, you are allowing vital energy, opportunities and money to flow to you. The empty space creates a vacuum, begging to be filled with the things you really want to be, do and have in your life. It stands to reason, then, that clearing clutter is the quickest way to manifest more money.

Clutter can take many forms including: paper, email, mind, disorganized stuff, things that are broken, excess amount of things, unused items, things you don’t love, things that belong to someone else (caretaker items).

Clutter Busting Tips

1)   If you don’t use it and/or love it, let it go!

2)   Clear one space: a counter, a shelf, a corner, your dresser and declare this spot as a clutter-free zone which means keeping it clear!

3)   Start in your bedroom. Make that a haven so you can sleep well and have the energy to tackle the rest of it.

4)   Clear clutter according to categories, such as clothing, books, shoes, nick nacks

5)   Spend 9 minutes a day clearing clutter and in a month you will have spent 4 ½ hours clearing clutter! Set a timer. You can do anything for 9 minutes, right?

6)   Remove 9 items every day that you don’t use, or love or are broken. In just 9 days you will have removed 81 things!

7)   Ring a bell over the clutter or hang a clear round crystal in the area to get the energy moving and help you gain clarity about what to keep

8)   Sort items into 5 categories: Keep/Donate/Toss/Sell/Undecided

*Keep items:   Find a permanent home for them…everything has a place
*Donate:   Remove the bags immediately and put them in car for drop off
*Toss:   Put them out with the next garbage pickup
*Sell:   Start taking pictures and listing one or two a day
*Undecided:   This box helps keep the process moving along. Most likely when you are done going through an area, you will have a different view of the things that are in this box and be ready to let them go!

9) Put everything in a box. This is an option for quickly clearing an area.  Use a notecard to write down what’s in the box. Then, store it. If you don’t use any of the items in 6 months, you’ll know it’s safe to let them go!

Whatever suggestions you like of the 9 I’ve provided above, simply begin. Once you start, you will shift the energy in your space and be inspired to continue!

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