Feng Shui for Work: Desk Placement Tips


Take charge of your career by moving your desk

Do you feel out of control at work? Surprised or unprepared for what comes at you or like you’re handling too many pesky details? The position of your desk is an important factor that affects how you feel at work, your productivity and your reputation.

If your desk is…  

  • Vulnerable to the door (meaning you can’t see the door from where you sit – like when your back is to the door) you may feel unprepared and surprised by what or who comes in. It’s an uneasy feeling that can not only make it difficult to focus but also leave you feeling like you’re constantly putting out fires rather than doing the business shifting tasks.


  • Too close to the door you are in what we call in Feng Shui “the Gatekeeper” position and you are likely handling a lot of things that could be handled by someone else. If you’re the boss and you’re in this position, you may be doing secretary type work or have employees coming to you constantly with issues someone else could be handling.
  • In line with the door there is a lot of energy coming at you and you may find it difficult to focus on your work.

So, where should your desk be placed? In the COMMAND POSITION, of course! The command position is the farthest location from the door, facing the door. Ideally, I like to see a solid wall behind you as that provides more support than a row of windows, for instance.

What do I do if I cannot move my desk?

If you cannot move your desk and you are: 

  • Facing a wall or vulnerable to the door, add a mirror in front of you that will allow you to see the door when you sit at your desk. The mirror allows you to see what’s coming at you & to be prepared.
  • In line with the door or too close to the door, hang a small round crystal between you and the door. Ideally this would be hung from a 9” red thread or ribbon. The round crystal helps balance the energy and disperse it so it’s not hitting you as you sit at your desk.

Being in the command position (or using the recommended Feng Shui adjustments) puts you in control of your career and your business. It allows you to feel prepared for what’s coming at you and brings you feelings of peace and calm. When you place your desk in the command position, you’ll be better able to focus on your work and worry less about the unexpected.

BONUS Tip! Get a high back chair with arms. This is about being the executive in your business/career. You don’t see high level exec’s sitting on a folding chair, do you?

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Bells Brrrrring Good Things


Bells are commonly used in Feng Shui for adjustments and for attracting energy and opportunities. Bells are used in many religious and spiritual practices as well. Bells even symbolize holidays such as Christmas or the winter season (think sleigh bells). There’s something magical about the sound of bells that makes you stop and listen. The sound of church bells ringing or a doorbell certainly gets your attention.

Bells represent movement and also have a calling or attraction energy. They can be used for protection and decision making as well. Brass bells are often recommended and you should personally like the sound or tone of the bell if it is something that you are using within your home or office.

So what about bells and Feng Shui? What can a little bell do for you?  Use bells as an adjustment for:

  • Clearing the energy in your home or office
  • Helps you find your ground and keeps your personal balance
  • Front door to brrrring in opportunities
  • Office door to call in new clients
  • Clearing energy in rental spaces/hotel rooms/vendor booths
  • Hotel room door for protection and a feeling of safety
  • Protecting your purse
  • Protecting $$ in your cash box or cash register
  • Ringing over clutter to help you decide what to keep
  • Helpful People corner of your desk to call in more clients

Bells can also be used as an adjustment for certain door situations in Feng Shui. For example, If you have a “empty door” (a door that leads nowhere as in the case of a door to a deck that hasn’t been built yet) you can hang a bell on the door handle, either inside or outside, to remedy this “going nowhere” energy.

Another one of my favorite ways to use bells is to call the money back when you have a door in your Wealth area. My client Amy experienced the power of this adjustment first hand.

“I have always been interested in Feng Shui and have even tried to apply it to my home and office space myself…although without any great success. When I learned that Kim would come and do a consult at my home, I jumped at the opportunity! I was amazed at the subtle changes or fixes I could do and what an amazing impact these can make.

I hung a bell with a purple ribbon on my patio door ‘to call the money back’ and just found a 401K investment from a previous employer valued at almost $100K! I also started as an Independent Meeting Planner a year ago and have had a very prosperous first year that ended with a business trip (and mini vacation) to Hawaii in November. My home feels harmonious and I am energized by all the wonderful things that are happening!”     

Amy-Marie Lemanski, AML Events, Plymouth, MN

You can hang your bell with a purple ribbon as Amy did (symbolizing wealth) or use a 9″ red ribbon. Red is considered an auspicious color in Feng Shui and 9 is about reaching new heights as it’s the last number before the numbers start over.

Find a bell you love and start brrrrringing in good things!

Kim Julen, Shift Master
WWS Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Certified Angel Card Reader

Get your FREE GIFT – 9 Fast Feng  Shui Fixes to Attract Abundance