Your Stove Can Increase Wealth

Your Stove Can Increase wealth

In Feng Shui stoves represent wealth and abundance no matter where in the home they are located. This comes from the belief in ancient China that stoves represent wealth because that was the way you fed your family. The more burners you had, the wealthier you were because you could feed more people.  Stoves nourish the occupants of the space and friends and family who come to visit and share meals there as well.

You can boost your wealth and abundance using your stove by:

  1.  Keeping your stove clean – this shows respect for the nourishing aspects and attracts good chi or energy.
  2. Putting pots and pans away – we don’t want to dowse our wealth by covering the burners. If you have a tea kettle that you like to leave on the stove, you may choose one that is reflective or place it on a different burner each day.
  3. Use all the burners instead of just the ones in the front – activating all of the burners will bring more abundance to you, like firing all the engines in a jet gives it more power.

Stove Placement

Another energetic challenge I see in many homes is the location of the stove. Many stoves are situated so that the person cooking has their back to the room. This is a challenge because then you are not in the “command” position of the space. This can lead to feeling unprepared for what is coming at you in life and being surprised by what unfolds.

To remedy this situation, I recommend placing a mirror or reflective surface behind the stove. This adjustment is powerful for 2 reasons:

  1. It allows you to be prepared fro whatever happens in your life (and to see what and who is coming up behind you) and…
  2. It effectively doubles your burners and therefore doubles your wealth!

Powerful Feng Shui Stove Adjustment
This adjustment will really give your abundance a boost and activate your wealth!

For 9 days in a row, turn on all the burners on your stove on high for a few seconds until they are bright red. While they are lit up, visualize abundance in all forms flowing to you. The intention to attract more abundance and wealth into your life is the most important part.

Let me know what happens and what forms of abundance you attract into your life as you do so!


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