Sign Guiding Me To Maui


I knew that I was meant to move from Minnesota.

I had felt that for several years before the actual move. I originally thought I might move to California because I enjoyed the time I spent there during my GoldSwap business days in Sacramento and visiting family in the Los Angeles area. Seattle had also come up as a positive place for me in my Astrocartography. Yet my soul longed for a tropical locale…a place where palm trees swayed in ocean breezes and sunshine was abundant.

I had felt a strong connection with the Hawaiian Islands since the early 2000s when I first visited with my husband at the time. We purchased a timeshare on Kauai and visited Hawaii several times over the years both alone and with our young boys. We spent the majority of our time on Kauai but also visited Oahu and the Big Island. I was never able to arrange a timeshare exchange on Maui, which now looking back seems serendipitous.

I had been receiving nudge after nudge (little signs if you will) about moving to Maui, despite never having visited the island before. This was a huge step, a big leap of faith and I felt I the need for more reassurance from my Spiritual Team that this was my path.

I needed a sign.

I told my Team that if I was truly meant to move to Maui that they needed to give me a clear sign, something that would be ridiculously obvious to me and would confirm that it was part of my Divinely Aligned Path to move to Maui. I asked that this sign be something that I could not ignore.

And send a sign they did!

The very next day as I drove into my driveway after running some errands, I noticed a package sitting by my front door. It was December 8th and I had been receiving a lot of gifts in the mail as I was participating in a Secret Santa Sister gift exchange. The gifts were coming to me from friends of friends, many of whom lived out of state and none were people that I personally knew. Sometimes the Secret Santa sender would put a little note in the package, but more often the gift would arrive anonymously. Such was the case with the package I received that day.

The package was a typical brown shipping box and it felt light as I brought it into the house, excited to see what was in it. I set the box on my kitchen counter and used a knife to slice through the tape that secured the box shut. I pulled up the flaps of the box up. The sender had wrapped the gifts and placed them in the bottom of the box and then used a couple small handled shopping bags to act as a cushion for the gifts.

I pulled the first of the shopping bags out and set it on the counter next to the box. I was drawn to the color of it as it was a beautiful aqua blue, the color of the ocean and one of my favorite colors. As I took another look at the bag and read the store inscription on it, a big grin spread across my face and I thanked my guides.

They had sent me a sign that was so crystal clear I couldn’t ignore it. The inscription on the bag was Maui Divers Jewelry!! Having received this magnificent sign, I now felt confident that I was, in fact, following my Divinely Aligned Path in moving to Maui!

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