Unexpected Messages


Messages are constantly being sent to us from our Loved Ones, Angels and Guides.

Are you paying attention?

Are you hearing, seeing and acknowledging them?

This story, shared with me by a client, is a fun demonstration of how messages (often in creative ways) are sent to us all of the time!

Gracie’s son, Max, was driving the family car and came home really frustrated. He complained that every time he turned the steering wheel towards the right, the car’s horn would honk. It was driving him crazy and he was embarrassed and said “I’m never driving that car again!”

Gracie took the car in to the shop to see what was causing the honking. What they found was surprising and led to big smiles and lots of laughter from Gracie.  (Hang in there…I’ll share what they found in a moment.)

Something important to know is that your loved ones (+ angels and guides) communicate with you in many ways. They send you SIGNS in the form of physical objects, songs, words (you see or hear), animals, scents and more. Dimes and pennies are often sent by loved ones to let you know they are with you or thinking about you. 

Communication from non-physical beings also comes through SYMBOLS that have meaning for you, such as a feather by your feet signaling you are on the right path or a rainbow symbolizing you’ve done a good job. 

SYNCHRONICITIES are another form of Divine communication. These are circumstances that line up in magical ways that cannot be explained logically, like when you run into an old friend unexpectedly or you open Facebook and find a post in your feed that inspires or motivates you. 

Often, these messages from Spirit and loved ones, come as a surprise or are unexpected. The important thing to remember is to be awake, aware and watch for these signs, symbols and synchronicities.  

When Gracie brought the car Max had been driving into the shop to find out what was causing the honking, she certainly wasn’t expecting a message from her dad.

After taking the steering wheel apart to determine the problem, the technician shared a video with Gracie showing her the honking culprit. What the video showed was that a dime had fallen into the steering wheel and that’s what was causing the honking!

Gracie knew this was a message from her dad (Max’s grandfather) who had died three years prior.
Just before the car started honking, Max had been awarded a college scholarship for football and Gracie knew, without a doubt, that her dad had dropped the dime in the steering wheel to congratulate Max! 

Every time Max drove the car, his grandpa was cheering for him. 

Honk, honk, honk! “Congrats on your scholarship Max!”

The truth is that Divine Beings are communicating with you and sending you messages every single day, all day long. So watch for them and share your stories with me and others to spread the love! 

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