Lost in Fiji


It was 2011…

The bure I’m staying in for my last two days at Namale Resort in Fiji is called Tabua, which means whale’s tooth in Fiijan. (Bures are wood and straw huts, similar to a cabin.) This bure is huge compared to the tropical one I stayed in before Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery seminar began. It has an air conditioner, king size bed, a living room area with couches, a large bathroom with a lovely stone shower, a dressing area and an enormous deck. The ocean flows right underneath the deck and there are ocean views on three sides! Lush deep green foliage frames the expansive rolling water.

I’m sitting on the cushioned lounge with my feet up on a hassock and a glass of wine from the mini bar (back when I used to drink alcohol). The tropical sunshine dances on my toes and the smell of the flowering trees is heavenly. I’m so happy in this moment, I want to cry (happy tears).  It seems so unreal I want to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

Side Note:
This is where I came up with the name of my business, Finding Your Fiji! I was sitting on the deck of that bure, thinking…this is my dream life! And I thought in that moment that I wanted to help others find and live their Fiji  (dream life)…thus Finding Your Fiji became my business name!

I dress for dinner in a sari and a sleeveless shirt. Even at night, it is always warm here (very much like Maui). I don’t need a sweater for dinner since the eating bure is open to the night air too.

My bure is the last one on the path and it’s now pitch dark. There is a light on the porch of my bure and lights on the main path, but no lights illuminating the winding dirt path from my bure to the paved main path. I contemplate calling for a cart and decide instead to walk to dinner and get a lift back afterwards. I also thought about bringing a flashlight (they have those and umbrellas in every bure). I decide I can find my way without it.

I head out with a light behind me on the porch and the knowledge there are lights on the main walkway. It is a beautiful tropical night and the warm air feels lovely brushing softly on my bare arms and legs.

I reach a point on the path when the porch light is no longer visible and the lights from the main walkway are not yet within sight. It is literally pitch black. There is no moon and I can understand in this moment what it would be like to be blind. I panic, wondering how I am going to find my way. Then I realize I can still feel the gravel of the path under my shoes. I can tell when I am straying off the path into the grass and am able to correct and get back on the path. Essentially, I can feel my way to where I want to go.

It is quite a long path, though, and now I’m angry. I curse the manager for putting me in this bure and for not putting lights along the path. I am more afraid than angry though.

What if I can’t find my way?

Finally, I see the lights from the main walkway and breathe a deep sigh of relief. Everything is going to be okay and I’ll be able to find my way to the dining bure now. Once on the main path, I enjoy the scents wafting from the tropical flowers and breathe deeply in the warm night air.

I spend quite a bit of time at the restaurant with fellow travelers, having drinks and engaging in deep conversation. When I leave to return to my bure, it is very late and there is no one at the reception desk to call for a cart for me. Charlie and Rance, with whom I’d been sharing a meal and conversation, walk with me towards the bures. Rance’s bure is first and then Charlie’s.

Charlie walks a bit further with me and offers to walk me to my bure commenting, “You have quite a ways to go yet.”

I decline his offer, saying “I think I can find my way.” I was too embarrassed to tell him that there are no lights along the path to my bure and I am honestly not sure if I can find my way in the dark.

I follow the paved lighted main path, taking a wrong turn a few times down a path to a private home. I quickly correct my route and get back on the main path. Thankfully there are a few signs along the way so I know I am heading in the right direction. There is a sign for the blowhole, a sign for the observatory deck and finally a sign for the spa. I know my bure isn’t too far past the spa and is the only bure after the spa, so it should be pretty easy to find, right?

However, after passing the spa I became confused. I knew my bure was to the right of the main path. I saw a lighted path to the right after the spa and followed it, coming upon a maintenance building at the end of the path instead of my bure. I turned around and went back to the main walkway. I thought, my bure must be further down.

Three times I went back down this lighted path. I wanted this lit path to lead me “home” to my bure and it didn’t. I knew my bure was down an unlit path, yet I somehow hoped that while I was gone at dinner, the path to my bure would magically be lit.

Back on the main path again, I walk to where it ends. There are no lights at the end of the path and it is very dark. Despite the fact that the path that continued did not feel the same under my feet (it was grassy instead of gravel) I continued walking. This grassy path led to one of the worker buildings and I thought briefly about walking up there to see if someone could take me back to my bure. I decided against this because I wasn’t sure they could even speak English.

I continued walking back and forth from the main path to this grassy path and still could not find the path that led to my bure. My palms were sweaty and my breathing was uneven. I was definitely worried now.

Will I ever find my way? Please, God, angels, momma, help me find my way! I begged.

Logic kicked in. I had a few choices. I could go to the worker building and ask for help. I could go back to Charlie’s bure and ask him to help me find my way. Or, I could find my own way. I made up my mind and became determined. I could and would find my way back to my bure!

I changed my attitude from helplessness to determination and started back towards the main path once again. I was still enveloped in darkness yet I was no longer afraid. I felt something different beneath my feet as I walked. The surface was more solid and I knew when I stepped on it that it was the gravel of the path that would lead me to my bure.

I still could not see as this path had no lights. However, the path ran parallel for a time to the main path so I could see a faint light from that path as I walked. Then, the path took a different turn so the main path lights were no longer visible. The pitch blackness surrounded me once more.

I was thankful I could still feel the solidness of the gravel crunching beneath my shoes. There were many twists and turns along the path. By feeling my way, I was able to continue moving forward towards my destination with confidence. As long as I felt the gravel under my feet, I knew I was heading in the right direction.

When the lights of my bure porch came into view, I knew I had made it. The way was easier. I could see now!

When I walked up to the door, I pulled out my key. Another challenge loomed. The light from the porch wasn’t strong enough to illuminate the keyhole. However, I was able to use my past experience to know that there were only a couple ways the key could fit into the lock. And, it wasn’t long before the key slid in and I turned it, opening the door. Exhaling deeply, relief flooded through me. I had made it! I had found my way in the dark to my destination!

The thing is, finding your path doesn’t have to be this hard.

I could have used the tools that I had (a flashlight that I didn’t take with me). I could have asked for help or accepted Charlie’s help when he offered to walk me to my bure. But I didn’t… Eventually I made it on my own, but not without a lot of stress,, worry and doubt. It took me a lot longer to find my way alone than it would have if I had asked for help or used the tools (a flashlight).

So…my advice to you is to be open to receiving help on your life’s journey.  You can learn tools that will help you navigate life with more ease and grace.  Spending a week with me on Maui will definitely be life-changing for you!  Join me in October and let me guide you and shed light on your path.

Do you know what’s really funny? The next day I discovered one of the light switches in my bure turned on lights for my path. The entire time I was walking in the dark, there were lights available to be turned on. I just couldn’t see them. The next night when I left my bure for dinner, I turned on the lights. Using the lights helped me find my way “home” much easier.


I’d love to help you find and live your Fiji (aka your dream life)!

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Kim Julen
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