Kids Rooms Are Their World


Applying Feng Shui to children’s bedrooms helps create happier, more successful and well-balanced youth. It’s important to remember that kids rooms are their world – like their “home” and unless they are very little, like under 4 years old, you don’t want to make changes in their rooms without their involvement.

Similar to adults, we want to make certain that children feel safe and supported within the family and within their lives.  As with adults, we create a feeling of support for children with a solid headboard.

Slatted headboards have a cutting energy, which can lead to health and other issues, so if your child has one of these, you will want to remedy this. Several stores, including Ikea, carry headboard covers that slip over the top of an existing headboard. Another option is to weave material through the slats to create a solid look. Or, you may hang a blanket or quilt over the top of the headboard.

If your child does not have any headboard at all you can, of course purchase one. Or you can create one by:

  • Painting a square one on the wall behind their bed
  • Painting the entire wall behind the bed a different color than the rest of the walls
  • Hanging a banner, tapestry, flag or other material behind the bed

Bunk Beds

In Feng Shui, we are not a fan of bunk beds for a number of reasons. For the child in the bottom bunk, it can feel overwhelming as the heaviness of the one above hangs over them or the feeling that the upper bunk could collapse upon them. For the child in the upper bunk, there is usually not a lot of space between the bed and the ceiling, which again gives the child the feeling of overwhelm and a limited view of life and the world.

If you must have bunk beds for space reasons, use these remedies. For the upper bunk, hang something with depth above the bed – I love the glow in the dark stars – to expand the space above the bed and give the illusion of more expansiveness. For the lower bunk, a poster of scenery or a picture with depth, as long as it is calm and soothing, can be hung under the top bunk above where the child lays. This again will help expand the space and leave the child feeling as if they can breathe again!

Unlike adults, children do not need two nightstands and they can have bookshelves in their bedrooms. I do recommend the books be waist high or below, however, to prevent the children from feeling overwhelmed or like things could fall on them.

Lastly, to help your children get a good night’s sleep I recommend closing closet doors before bed. The open doors are a lot of energy rushing at them while they are trying to calm their minds. I also recommend choosing plain solid color sheets and avoiding action figures or cartoon characters, which are very active and do not allow children to relax into their dream state as easily.


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