Ups & Downs ~ Feng Shui for Stairs


Stairs and steps are necessary for moving from one level to another. Yet stairs can impact your life depending on where they are located, the type of steps and risers that are used and what they face.

Stairs are heavy and can bring down the energy in those areas of your home. Steps can also cause “up and down” energy in the area of the Bagua where they are located. For example, a staircase in the center of your home (which relates to health in the Feng Shui Bagua) can have an up and down effect impacting your health so sometimes it’s good and sometimes it is not so good.

Steps can also confuse the energy, as in the case of split level entries. The energy and opportunities come in the door, but then they aren’t sure where to go… to go up or down or stay in the foyer?

Another common placement of stairs that is challenging is right across from the front door. This leads the energy upstairs instead of keeping it in the main living area where it can have the most positive effect. Or the energy drains right back out of the house causing loss of money and opportunities.

Some staircase issues may leave you feeling drained. For instance, stairs ending at a bedroom door may cause it’s occupant to feel drained. Open risers don’t allow the energy to flow to the upper levels and can also lead to feelings of being unsafe or drained.

Curved Staircases

Preferably, stairs are curved and have no landings, which allows for a gentle flow of energy to the upper level. Landings stop the flow of energy through the space.

The greatest offender in the realm of stairs in Feng Shui are spiral staircases. Think of this like a corkscrew boring a hole in whatever area of the home it is located. Spiral staircases typically have open risers as well, which can leave you feeling dizzy, unbalanced and unsafe.

Balancing the energy of your stairs to bring more harmony to your life

No need to worry or freak out about your stair issues. There are Feng Shui adjustments to remedy most everything!

  • Steps in the Center
    Hang a 40-50mm round crystal (with 30% lead which also has balancing properties) over the stairwell. This will also serve to honor your home since it’s in the center!
  • Split Entry
    Hang a small (20mm with 30% lead) round crystal or place a round rug in front of the steps. Then, direct energy up to the main living area by placing something to attract attention and energy there (a beautiful vase, a piece of art, a plant, etc.)
  • Stairs in Line with the Front Door
    Hang a small (20mm with 30% lead) round crystal in between the front door and the steps. You can also add pictures or art along the walls to slow the energy down as well. Then, direct the energy into the main living area with an attractive item that draws guests’ eyes to that space instead of up the stairs.
  • Stairs Ending at a Bedroom Door
    Hang a small round crystal between the door and the steps, which will disperse the energy coming at the door.
  • Open Risers
    Close them in, if possible and desirable or add lights along the stairs to direct the energy upwards.
  • Landings
    Light this area well. A light that shines up here will bring the energy up to the second story of the home and keep energy moving.
  • Spiral Staircases
    Add lights along the staircase to get the energy flowing up and to slow the “corkscrew” down. You could also add plants under the stairwell to anchor it and feel more balanced and grounded as you are ascending and descending these stairs. The home I stayed at in Paia had a spiral staircase outside and they did a lovely job of anchoring the staircase by adding a trellising plant that wound through the railing. It was beautiful to see the blooms as you went up and down the stairs, too.

What’s under your stairs?

This is an important area of your home because whatever is stored here affects you. Don’t store any type of water under a stairwell as this can be harmful to children in the home.

Whatever you store under the stairs will grow, though, so it’s a wonderful place for wealth bowls, safes, money, work items (if you want more work that is!), altars, books and luggage (to increase travel opportunities).

Remember Feng Shui is all about balancing the energy in your space!

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2 thoughts on “Ups & Downs ~ Feng Shui for Stairs

    • Stairways do being energy up and down to other levels. It’s hard to know if or how that might impact the altar.

      It’s important to feel the energy- does it feel off? Maybe you intentionally placed the altar there to draw the energy up?

      A simple cure if you feel it’s impacting the altar negatively is to hang a small round crystal (20mm, round with 30% lead) between the stairway and the altar.


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