Selling Your Home with Feng Shui


There are many factors that affect the speed with which your home sells. As I write this blog, it is very much a “Seller’s Market” and realtors say there is not enough inventory of homes to meet the needs of all the buyers. And yet, some homes take longer to sell than others. Why is that?

Homes have an energy to them, just like people and objects do. Prospective buyers can feel the energy of your home. Take my house, for instance. It has great energy. People love to hang out there. I enjoy hanging out there myself! But, as many of you know, I am moving to Maui. So my house needs to be sold.

As I prepared my house for the market, there was much to do. Doing this “work” requires that you look at the space that has been your home in a whole new light. My realtor and home stager helped me see my house and the things in it from the buyer’s perspective. I also prepared my home energetically using Feng Shui and other helpful practices.

If you’re preparing to sell your home, start with:

  1. Clearing Clutter
    Anything you are not using should be removed. I found sorting items into categories such as Sell, Give Away, Keep and Store was helpful. If you’re planning on having a garage sale, pricing items and boxing them in categories will make sale set up easier.
  2.  Remove Personal Items
    The big high school graduation pictures of  my boys and all my family photos had to go. For me, this also meant removing the majority of my Feng Shui cure items and many rocks and crystals. You want prospective buyers to be able to visualize themselves and their things in your house. They can’t do that if you have a lot of clutter or personal belongings in the space.

    Selling your home involves more than making physical changes to the space. It is an emotional job as well. I felt sadness removing the Feng Shui adjustments I had placed with intention and love. I took time to process and FEEL these emotions. To help you do this emotional work, next…

  3. Write a Letter to Your Home
    Let your house know what’s going on, why you’re moving and where you’re going. Homes have names and personalities. Uncover yours through meditation (or Schedule a House Whispering session with me!)  Thank your home for all the beautiful memories and for how it has supported you, kept you safe, warm, dry and comfortable during the time you have lived there. Encourage your home to help you. Ask what needs to be done to attract the new owners.
  4. Journal About Your Feelings
    Emotions will come up for you as you clear the clutter, remove your personal belongings and otherwise prepare to sell your house. Journaling helps you process your emotions and energetically let go.Lastly, there are several “Feng Shui” adjustments  that can help speed up the sale of your home. These are a few of my favorites…
  5. Oil  Squeaky Doors
    Doors represent the voice of adults and squeaky ones can lead to complaining. Read more about doors.
  6. Paint Your Front Door
    Red is a lucky color, if you like that, and if it is different than the rest of your house. Or, if you can’t or don’t want to paint the door, hang a beautiful wreath on the door.
  7. Add Something With Movement
    To attract energy (and buyers) to your home, add a flag or a whirly gig near the front door. Another great option, that I used, was a wind chime. The movement of these things (please only use one!) attracts the attention of prospective buyers.
  8. Boost the Helpful People
    Place the names of your realtor, home stager, anyone that’s helping you pack or move and “the perfect new home owner” on pieces of paper inside a gray box or envelope in the Helpful People area of your home. This can be hidden.
  9. Sage Your Space
    Removing clutter, changing things around and cleaning stirs up energy. Smudging (using white sage in bundle or incense form) helps clear all of that out.  The result is that prospective buyers feel welcome and comfortable in your space.
  10. Set Positive Intentions
    Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your home quickly, with ease and grace and have fun while you’re doing it? Those are the intentions I set before selling my home. I also performed a very special Feng Shui adjustment called “Selling A House.”  This adjustment is provided to my clients who request my assistance in selling their home. It works for them and it worked for me!

    I had nine showings (a magical Feng Shui number about reaching new heights) in the 2 days my house was on the market and by day 3 I accepted an above list price offer. Through it all, I constantly reminded myself to relax, breathe and have fun!

  11. Go with the Flow & Surrender to the Highest Unfolding*
    There can be many ups and downs that occur with selling your home. It’s important to continue to FEEL the emotions that come up for you, everything from excitement to disappointment. Remember, that all of this is happening FOR you (as does all of life) and there is always something for you to learn from whatever happens. Let go of controlling the outcome. Be unattached to the timing and price your home sells for. And remember to follow your intuition throughout the process.  
    *This last tip is a BONUS add on!  On the evening of Day 4 the buyer cancelled the sale. So, it is currently back on the market. I’ve received another offer and have several more showings so it is sure to sell soon!

Remember, you are beginning a new chapter in your life. Go with the flow and remember you are abundant.  Let go of your attachment to how things should go and selling your house will be a wonderful experience on your life’s journey!

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