Doors Affect Your Voice & More


In Feng Shui, doors represent the voice of adults in the home (windows are the voice of children – see more tips for children in Back to School Feng Shui Tips). Your doors may be having a bigger effect on your life than you know.

Door issues can cause:

• Arguing
• Complaining or whining
• Confusion
• Lack of direction
• Voices to be silenced
• Blocked energy
• Money going “out the door”
• Relationship conflict
• Slanted vision of life or self
• Opportunities to be limited

One of my clients was a couple struggling with Career issues. He was looking for a new job and she was uncertain about her career path. Balancing an issue with the doors in their Career sector had amazing results for them. The day after they made the adjustment, he received a call back for a third job interview and subsequently got the job. A short while later, she was offered a new job opportunity that she wasn’t even looking for. Balancing the energy in your space CAN shift what’s happening in your life!

Below are a few common door issues and cures to help you start using your “voice” more effectively. Remember, intention is key so focusing on what you want is as important as placing the cure.

  • Having too many doors in an area can cause confusion or lack of direction in that part of your life. Hang a small round crystal (30% lead) or place a round rug in the middle of the doors. This will help balance the energy and create clarity, focus and direction.
  • Have you or others in your household been complaining? Check for squeaking or creaking doors. A little WD40 will go a long ways to stop the complaining “chatter” of the doors and people.
  • Do your front door and back door align (where if you rolled a ball from one it would go out the other)? You may have plenty of money coming in, but this will door issue will lead to it going right out the back door. Place something round anywhere between the two doors (round rug, crystal, bowl, table, etc.) This will deflect the escaping energy and help you save and keep more of what you are earning.
  • Does your new neighbor have a sliding glass door, but no deck? This is considered a “dead” door because it doesn’t lead anywhere. Buy them a sun catcher or a mirror to hang on the door to remedy this dead energy.

Problems with doors lead to an inability to voice your opinions and express yourself. Make sure all of your doors can open fully taking care not to store things behind them. Read more tips for your front door in Shut The Front Door.

If you’re having difficulty or feeling blocked, I’d love to help! Feng Shui can be confusing. Do you need help figuring out your Bagua? Do you want help determining what to do within your home to boost the power of your intentions for Health, Career, Finances and Relationships?

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