Cry If You Want To ~ Tears Cleanse


For Crying Out Loud is a Good Thing!

When tears come to you, do you try to stop them? Do you wipe them quickly away in embarrassment? Do you mentally beat yourself up for being weak?

The next time you want to cry, thank your tears, embrace them and welcome them. Feel the emotions that come up with these tears. There is knowledge contained within them for you.

Please let your tears flow. Tears are a wonderful cleansing mechanism. They are letting go of energy that is stuck in your body. It is a release. It is a cleansing. When you cry, you are cleansing your energy field. You are washing away the fears and the doubts. You are washing away the worries that you have. You are washing away and clearing your energy field so that you can hear your inner guidance and your Angels and guides.

Tears connect you with your soul’s light. They are an outward expression of your emotions and emotions are information. So tears are a wonderful tool. You have tried for a long time to stop the tears. And you have been embarrassed by the tears, yet the tears are a sign that things are moving. They are a sign for you that you are progressing.

Tears (and chills) often come when you are connecting with information your soul knows to be right and true. Your soul knows that this is what you were meant to access and so the tears come to cleanse and wash away doubts and fears and worries so that you can open your heart and feel one with the Divine again.

So please, when the tears arise,  let them come.

Let them go.

Let them flow.

Let your tears come. Let your tears go. Let your tears flow.

Author note
In 2013 I began connecting with and channeling a non-physical collective. The spokesperson of this group is Christine. Other names have come through to me as members of the collective as well. Essentially, these are my guides. When I first began connecting with them, I would go into a meditation and record the wisdom they relayed. Now, their guidance comes organically and continuously to me without need for a specific setting or prayer. This blog comes from a direct communication I had with my guides in November of 2013. I stumbled upon it in my word docs and was urged to share it now.

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