Define Your Work Space – Feng Shui tips for Home Offices


I often work with clients who are self-employed and run their businesses out of their homes, like I do. This can present a number of Feng Shui and life challenges. In smaller homes where there isn’t an extra room to use for an office, you may not have a defined work space. Or, if you do have an office, that space may be cluttered or used for multiple purposes. Work may also spill into other areas of the home or you find yourself doing work in the family room or at the kitchen table.

Another issue with businesses based in the home is a lack of separation between home and work time so you may find that you are working all the time and/or your family is disrupting your work. This can lead to a feeling of not being taken seriously either by your family or your clients.

Having a defined work space is important because: 

  1. Your work can be contained
  2. Your family will know when you are working
  3. It helps you focus and adopt a business mindset when you are in that space
  4. It sends the Universe a message that you are serious about this business
  5. You can virtually “close the door” on your work to enjoy your home life

You can create a defined space using walls or doors of course. However, you can also use screens or something comparable to create your defined office space. This space should be as far from the bedroom as possible so that you are able to relax and not be thinking about work while you are trying to sleep. Hint – the closer your office is to the front door, the more easily business can find you!

If your office is in a spare room, it should not double as a guest room or play room. Having a multi-purpose space confuses the energy (chi) because it doesn’t know what opportunities to send here. Also, having a bed in the space where you are meant to be working can reduce productivity effectively lulling you to sleep.

Why do I need a desk?

Do you know any executives who do not have a desk? If you are serious about building a viable and successful business, you’d be wise to compare your office to that of a top level executive. You will be taken more seriously by both family and clients and be sending the message to the Universe that your work is important which energetically grows your business.

Set your “executive” office up for success with:

  • A good sized desk
  • A high back chair (in Feng Shui this is about backing for decisions & support)
  • Desk facing the door with a supporting wall behind (about seeing what’s coming)
  • Art that is professional rather than “homey”
  • No beds or childish things
  • Minimal to no clutter
  • Neatly organized books
  • Only a few pictures of family

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