Down the Drain ~ How toilets affect your life

Toilets are draining energy

Indoor plumbing is a great convenience. I shudder to think what it would be like to use an outhouse during one of our freezing Minnesota winters!

Toilets are a necessity yet in Feng Shui they represent draining energy. Toilets contain the biggest drains in your home in comparison to sinks, showers or bathtubs. They can literally be a drain on health or wealth or whichever area of your home they are located. The good news is that very simple Feng Shui adjustments can help get things flowing in the right direction again!

In my prior home, we had a bathroom located in the center, which correlates to the Health area. This played out for me as I underwent two surgeries while living there – a hysterectomy and a gall bladder removal. One of my clients had a bathroom in the center of her home as well as a furnace (draining her health and burning it up at the same time!). She had quite a variety of health issues while living there including a tumor that had to be removed. These were mitigated by a few simple Feng Shui adjustments. She ultimately decided to move and has felt healthier in her new space.

In my current home, I have a bathroom in my Wealth corner. To say this has been a challenge is the understatement of the year. When I first moved in, I had the momentum of a great GoldSwap business going, which lasted a couple years. In the last two years, the draining energy of that bathroom in Wealth has taken a toll on my bank account. Thankfully, with the Feng Shui adjustments I have made, things are beginning to turn around! I’ll share more about what I did to address this in the tips below.

Challenging Bathroom Locations

  •  Center of Home ~ drains your health
  •  First seen upon Entry ~ leads to digestive issues
  •  Visible from Kitchen ~ leads to weight/health issues
  •  Wealth area ~ money goes down the drain
  •  Visible from Bed ~ drains energy while you sleep
  •  Over the Stove ~ puts out the fire of wealth and health
  •  Over the Front Door ~ douses opportunities
  •  Upon Entering a Business ~ sets the wrong tone

If you are building or looking for a new home, the best location for a bathroom is outside. Just kidding…unless you really like outhouses! Having the bathroom situated between two guas (areas) of your home is the best placement along the perimeter (not in the center of the home). Refer to my recent post explaining the Feng Shui Bagua. The Bagua is a  mental map that is placed on your home showing where the nine life areas are located.

What Can You Do to Minimize the Draining Effect?

  1.  Keep a lid on it: keep toilet seats closed
  2.  Contain it: keep the bathroom door closed, especially if it can be seen upon entering your home or from the kitchen or bed
  3.  Raise the energy: Place a mirror on each wall of the bathroom (inside or outside walls). The idea is to draw the energy up and out of the drain
  4.  Add plants: Plants are considered a wood element which gives the water something to do (soaks it up)

Simple changes CAN affect the flow of energy into and throughout your home. One client could not get her husband and son to put the toilet seats down, even when she told them how unsanitary it was (Dr. Oz talks about the bacteria floating up into the air as you flush). But when she told them it was poor Feng Shui, they complied!

Check to see where the bathrooms are in your home and pick one action above to reduce their draining energy. Post here or on my Finding Your Fiji Facebook page to share!

Confused about how to lay the Bagua on your home or where to start?  I am a WWS certified Feng Shui Practitioner and can consult with you regarding your home or office. I even do Skype appointments for those non-local people!


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