Back to School Feng Shui Tips


It’s back to school time which is an adjustment for kids from the carefree days of summer to new classes, homework and sometimes even a new school and new friends. It’s a great time to take a look at your home with a Feng Shui eye to insure a successful year for your students.

Here a few of my favorite tips for your children:

  • In Feng Shui windows represent the voice of children. Keep all windows in good repair to ensure your children’s voices are heard at home and at school.
  • Beds with solid headboards help children feel supported. If your child’s headboard isn’t solid, create one by weaving fabric between the slats or by painting one on the wall.
  • Position their desk and bed so that the child has a view of the door.
  • To improve sleep and increase clarity, remove items from under the bed and keep electronics in the bedroom to a minimum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Children’s rooms are their world and they should partake in how it’s set up and decorated. If you have a child with ADD, ADHD or who has frequent nightmares, a Feng Shui consult to address these issues is recommended.

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